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User-friendly and intuitive interface; A wide range due to the availability of all online clothing stores in one place; The ability to view reviews of real customers about the thing they liked or the work of the selected store; The ability to compare and find the best price; Availability of branded items at affordable prices; Flexible terms of delivery and cooperation; Providing guarantees and security of transactions; The ability to make purchases at any convenient time, etc.

According to weather conditions, clothing is classified as:

all – season;
According to the purposes for which it is intended, clothing is divided into: intended for home, significant events, daily wear, sports, work at work (it can be sanitary, uniform and special) and, above all, national.

Referring to the principle of creation, clothes are divided into sewing things, products made of knitwear, and felted.

And according to the type of production , it is distributed into several groups:

mass production intended for a wide range of consumers;
products created by individual request;
clothing developed by fashion designers also has its own classification: Pret-a-port – designer products launched to the masses. Haute couture is the only one of its kind, catwalk or showcase models, sewn by hand according to sketches by famous designers.
According to the composition, things are grouped into: made of fur, leather, wool, textiles, feather or down, rubber.

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Classically, clothes are divided into categories based on weather conditions, the purpose of putting on, the functions that it should perform, the principle of creation, the type of production, etc. But first of all, clothes are grouped as follows:

men ‘s;
Further criteria for division are according to the parts of the trunk on which it is worn. There are two types: shoulder (support goes to the shoulders, for example, jumpers, T-shirts, dresses, etc.) and waist (fixed on the belt, respectively, jeans, pants, etc.) clothing.

By function , garments can be systematized as:

outerwear is worn over the “first layer”, not counting underwear. These can be, for example, coats, jackets, vests, etc.;
light outerwear is just the same “first layer” that is worn over underwear. Shirts, trousers, T-shirts, etc. are meant here;
corsets and bras are referred to as corset things that are designed to create the desired silhouette or support the spine;
underwear, in turn, is mainly hygienic in purpose.